We do right by people. Clients, consumers, the good folks of VB+P. That's it. How refreshing.

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Do Right Work 
  • Using our creativity for good beyond the scopes of our clients is a commitment we’re proud to make. The Impact Workstreams are agency-funded activations (with a lot of favors called in — thank you to all that answer the call!) with one goal: create impact surrounding an issue our teams are passionate about.
Do Right Discussions 
  • Doing right in the world is not as pervasive as we’d all like it to be. So let’s celebrate it and share it when we find it. That’s why when we engage—whether it’s a speaking event, a panel or a thought piece—we facilitate conversations that highlight the right being done out there. We call them Do Right Discussions.
  • We gather around the heat to debate, discuss and develop thinking about an issue, a technology, an approach. It’s a periodic deep-dive into a hot topic where we analyze implications for both our business and our clients’. The initial bonfire then fuels a series of agency-wide discussions and breakout sessions by department and discipline. Then we share back and light up the next one.
Do Right Work 
Invisible No More
  • Hate incidents towards Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have skyrocketed, but only a fraction are ever reported. We partnered with Stop AAPI Hate during AAPI Heritage Month to highlight this lesser-known fact and empower Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to be seen, to be heard, to take up space.
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Fearless Project 
  • An agency-sponsored event where an employee (or team) presents a passion project with aspirations to make an impact on a personal or worldly level. Each year the winner receives funding from the agency to make their idea a reality.
Do Right Work 
Unbanned Book Club
  • Across the U.S., books are being banned at an unprecedented rate. These bans are unfairly targeting authors and stories from diverse backgrounds, races, sexual orientations and gender identities. Introducing the Unbanned Book Club in partnership with Little Free Library — when they ban books in schools, we un-ban them in the community.
Volunteer Month 
  • During the month of April, everyone is given a floating PTO day to volunteer for a group or organization of their choice.
What Remains 
  • Pride is a month of support for the LGBTQIA+ community. But where does all that go when the parades are over? “What Remains” is an art exhibition curated by Schlomer Haus Gallery. Artists within the community transformed the discarded elements of SF Pride into the roots of enduring support with proceeds going to support mental health efforts by Queer LifeSpace.
  • Here at VB+P we celebrate an employee’s five-year anniversary with the gift that keeps on giving, a tab per year to treat them and in turn their colleagues to quality bonding moments.