Sport the Unexpected

Reebok had 1% of the market and was virtually invisible to a new generation of consumers. We turned its weakness into a strength, and launched “Sport the Unexpected” — a platform and integrated global campaign which celebrated people going against the grain within the world of sports and street culture.

Sport the Unexpected


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Storm The Court

Same old, same old sports marketing needed some shaking up. So, with Reebok, we created a campaign that no one saw coming


We launched an unexpected activation that used Ring cameras, CCTV and neighborhood social networks as guerilla media. This was a true “first” — for a shoe launch and for advertising.


For the final chapter of Reebok's Sport the Unexpeected campaign, we brought Cardi B, the iconic Club C sneaker and an extraordinary set of nails together.

Bacon Truck

Many CrossFit athletes follow the Paleo Diet. So to engage with them during the Reebok CrossFit Games, we gave CrossFitters their favorite Paleo-friendly snack—bacon. And, for the first time ever, a sporting goods company went into the bacon business.

Be Unexplainable

Hip-hop artist Cardi B has teamed up with Reebok to bring you a footwear collection that mirrors Cardi’s famously big personality.


When it came time to put the new Reebok Flexweaves through theirpaces, we knew only the fastest feet would do. Enter Luis Badillo, Jr.

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