C.S. Lewis: We meet no ordinary people in our lives. Exhibit A: The people of VB+P.


Paul Venables Founder/Chairman
Kate Jeffers President/Partner
Will McGinness Partner/Chief Creative Office
Mary Johnstone Associate Partner/COO
Gary Brown Associate Partner/CFO
Brittni Hutchins Associate Partner/Chief Growth Officer
Jasmine Clark Head of Strategy
Raquel Bedard Head of Agency Resourcing and Workflow
Justin Pitcher Head of Brand Management
Byron Del Rosario Group Creative Director
Che-Na Stephenson Group Creative Director
Matt Keats Group Creative Director
Kristin Obi Group Brand Director

Our Commitments
Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

We believe that diversity and creativity are inextricably intertwined. The coming together of diverse perspectives, skill sets and experiences is critical to our work and our culture. We seek clients and partners who share this belief, and who are committed to doing this work. We’re proud to note that VB+P reflects 72% invisible and visible diversity.

Commitments Employee Resources2
Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups represent historically marginalized communities. Each ERG has their own annual budget and is empowered to develop communication and output.

Commitments DEI2
DEI Advisory Board

The DEI Advisory Board is made up of representatives from each ERG and discipline within the agency. The Board acts as a decision maker on all communication and action related to DEI.

Commitments Additional2
Additional Commitments

3year DE+I strategy and objectives, ongoing management and staff training, co-authored agency/client DE+I commitments, scholarships for BIPOC advertising students, internship programs with MAIP and specific mandates for diverse representation in production.

Employee Programs

Doing right by our employees means creating an environment where they feel seen, supported and inspired to do their best work. Some of the programs and benefits that we offer in support of our employees include:

Commitments Workstreams2
Do Right Work

Using our creativity for good beyond the scopes of our clients is a commitment we’re proud to make. The Impact Workstreams are agency-funded activations (with a lot of favors called in - thank you to all that answer the call!) with one goal: create impact surrounding an issue our teams are passionate about. Recent projects have supported Stop AAPI Hate, Little Free Library and Queer LifeSpace.

Commitments Womens2
Supporting Women and Families

We support the personal choices of our employees, especially surrounding if or when they choose to have a family. We offer the industry-leading family leave policy, as well as expanded policies to support fertility, placing a foster child, recovering from a miscarriage and/or requiring safe access to abortion care.

Commitments Wellness2
Health and Wellness

In addition to our robust holiday calendar, we offer three additional “Well-Being” days for our employees to take time off to recharge. We also offer acupuncture, life-coaching, and therapy services to our employees, as well as a monthly credit to support health and wellness via gym memberships or fitness classes.