Paul Birks-Hay

Partner, President

Paul Birks-Hay - Partner, President

Paul Birks-Hay joined VB&P in 2012 and has played a number of roles at the agency before more recently taking on that of Partner and President in early 2014. During his time at VB&P, he has been central to growing the agency’s client portfolio to include the likes of MillerCoors, Playstation, REI, and Google, as well as playing a leading role with some of the agency’s core client’s, such as Audi. Paul’s love of new business, coupled with his passion for great creative, have enabled him to drive significant changes, a well as raise the agency’s profile, without compromising culture.<br /> <br /> Before coming to VB&P, he served as Managing Partner at AMV.BBDO in the UK, where he oversaw the new business department, as well as brands such as Guinness, British Telecom and Mercedes-Benz. He now lives in Northern California, with his wife and son, who all count their lucky stars they traded London’s rain for the Bay area’s fog.

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