Mary Johnstone

Associate Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Mary Johnstone - Associate Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Mary Johnstone believes firmly in VB+P’s most important philosophy: doing right by our people. Partnering with Chairman Paul Venables, Mary heads the Talent Team - a small group of staff members who develop programs and events dedicated to ensuring the employees of VB+P lead fulfilling, successful, balanced and enjoyable work lives. She values humor, kindness, and a well-poured glass of red wine. Mary is, above and beyond, not your average HR lady.<br /> <br /> Mary started her career with a seven year stint at one of Boston’s largest advertising agencies. And though she’s been a native of the Bay Area for nearly 20 years, she’s still likely to slip “chowdah,” “Nor’eastahs” and “wicked” into a conversation.<br /> <br /> Following her stint in Boston, Mary joined Watson, Wyatt Worldwide, a global human resources consulting firm, where it became quickly apparent that the tightly-buttoned world of corporate business was not for her. Sorely missing a more creative environment, Mary planted her stake in 1996 at the independent agency Hal Riney & Partners, where, at its peak, she oversaw 500+ employees across the United States. During this time, she helped the agency smoothly transition the buyout from Publicis and stayed on at Publicis & Hal Riney until joining VB&P in 2012. <br /> <br /> Eight years later, she still pinches herself that she was able to find an agency that shares her values.<br />

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