Kate Jeffers

Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Kate Jeffers - Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Throughout her 15 years at VB&P, Kate has played a pivotal role in the agency’s success: leading key client relationships, developing discreet capabilities that serve our clients’ evolving needs, and helping to foster a culture where people are supported, motivated and inspired – both professionally and personally.<br /> <br /> As COO, Kate oversees VB&P’s P&Ls, divisions and departments, and works alongside leadership to ensure that agency operations support the delivery of impactful ideas. In addition Kate leads VB&P’s diversity initiatives and is the Executive Sponsor of Fellow, an app-based mentorship community created specifically for women in advertising.<br /> <br /> Prior to VB&P, Kate worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA and GS&P, leading significant brands and initiatives, including the launches of the Apple iPod and Toyota Prius. <br /> <br /> Kate was born and raised on Oahu but doesn’t eat seafood; lived in Madrid and Paris but isn’t fluent in Spanish or French; and went to UCLA Law School but ended up in marketing. She lives in Marin with her husband, son, daughter, dog and cat.<br />

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