Smell Like a Human

Smell Like a Human

Why smell like nature when you can smell like a human? That’s the thinking behind Reebok’s new product, “swet,” which our social media team dreamed up.

"swet" marks Reebok’s first foray into fragrances and will launch with a 360˚ cross-channel marketing campaign beginning today. The 15-second teaser video shows athletes basking in their own sweat before revealing Reebok's intoxicating new cologne. Made for athletes, by athletes, “swet” is a scent two years in the making.

Finally, the greatest scent in the world doesn’t have to be temporary. You can now perspire always with “swet” by Reebok.

The world wide web is taking note. See for yourself what Mashable and Digiday have to say about our latest creation.

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