A Labor Of Love

A Labor Of Love

Today, VB&P launched a campaign for Marin County Public Schools. It was a tremendous effort, and it both energized me and made me proud of this place. Again.

For the print, we went straight up Old School. Headlines (remember those?) and design craftsmanship. Typography as visual. Longish copy, even. The first one ran today, full page in the Marin Independent Journal, and it hits you in the face, grabs your lapels and makes you read it. Design has that kind of power.

For the web stuff, we went with a cross-disciplinary, integrated new age creative gaggle who conceived, developed, animated and produced a graphic web video that demonstrates just what we can create in-house here if we work together in new alignments, shapes and forms. The blog-based website does a lot of heavy lifting, but in a style and manner that captures the essence of the total effort. It's cool. Go click around.

We hope to ignite an honest dialogue in Marin about schools. One that will require us to continue to create ads and respond to issues and comments. We have big plans for this thing, and we're pretty excited.

We also have the love and admiration of some educators up in Marin. You can't have a two-second conversation with them without feeling uncomfortable due to their deep appreciation for what we've done.

Thank you to those of you who made this possible and to the Marin Independent Journal for donating the ad space to communicate this message. To read more about the campaign and issues surrounding it, read here.

Today, I'm proud. Very proud.

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