Project Management

Project Manager

The primary role of the Project Manager is to facilitate an efficient and effective flow of all work through the agency while keeping quality and timing in mind. They are the owners of deadlines and deliverables, who take the lead in deciding what needs to happen next and letting people know what they’re responsible for within the project at hand. 
This is a key role to play within the agency, working as the liaison and impartial negotiator between all departments. They are able to take a holistic view of their account and have a full understanding and depth of knowledge of every project while managing their resources. It is the Project Manager’s responsibility to anticipate, communicate and troubleshoot any potential complications during the life of a project.
Here is what the day-to-day looks like. A Project Manager at VB+P:
·       Strives for prompt, accurate and orderly flow of projects through the agency
·       Works with Director of Creative Resources to manage and approve creative production, OOO and PTO
·       Creates status document with the input of the Brand team to review with department heads in weekly meeting
·       Maintains close and consistent communication with the brand team, strategy team and CDs so that you are up to speed on the dynamics of the account
·       Forecasts needs for upcoming projects based on project kick-off dates provided by brand team
·       Works closely with the Brand and Strategy teams to get a creative brief approved by the CDs and clients
·       Anticipates resource laps through full duration of project and forecasts any potential issues in advance
·       Manage up to the Director of Creative Resources about resource complications and team activity/concerns
·       Initiates and manages all creative reviews 
·       Holds CD accountable for all project deliverables as approved on the brief and ensures the CD provides clear, concise feedback to creative teams
·       Monitors workload and directs creative teams on how to manage competing priorities 
·       Confirms creative team initiates informal check-ins and conversations with appropriate departments: Strategy, Brand, Production and ACDs/CDs
·       Briefs Art Manager Lead on work coming into studio with project details, approvers, materials and timelines 
·       Ensures the brand team is collaborating with Lumberyard, Studio and the Production departments to drive a project forward
·       Helps secure appropriate approvals from creative teams, ACDs and CDs through the production process (with Lumberyard, Studio or external vendors)
Below are some of the qualifications we’re interested in. If you don’t meet all of them, don’t count yourself out. 
·  Associate’s or 4-year college degree
·  Minimum of 3+ years of relevant experience in project management 
·  Excellent verbal and written skills 
·  Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment; last minute changes are common and require nimble problem-solving skills 
·  Patient, collaborative and has positive attitude 
·  Self-starter and demonstrates the ability to work on multiple projects concurrently 
Ask as many questions as possible – we are here to help. 
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