Integrated Executive Producer

Who is VB+P? An independent advertising agency located in San Francisco who prides itself on being founded on two simple principles: Do right by our clients and do right by our people. We are looking for an Integrated Executive Producer.

An Integrated Executive Producer needs to be a leader, forward-thinking and multidisciplined to deliver production solutions across multiple platforms. Mentoring producers while leading various projects is the key to success. You also need to be able to be nimble and work within accelerated timelines, challenging budgets, while leading a larger team and keeping the Client’s marketing goals and creative execution
to highest standards.

VB+P Integrated Executive Producers are skilled makers and thinkers, who apply tried and- true production methods to modern, progressive content and experiences across all clients. They thrive at the intersection where creativity and technology meet, holding the agency to content creation standards while pushing boundaries within current trends, and inspiring teams for traditional media and beyond.

An Integrated Executive Producer at VB+P will have a strong knowledge of traditional content creation but will have also have experience and confidence to approach new ideas from the modern content perspective, using their understanding of digital and social channels. You will collaborate with creatives and strategists and push to ensure that content and experiences achieve the goals and visions of all agency and client stakeholders.

We are honest with our clients. With each other. Even when it’s awkward and especially when it’s hard. We are clear. About where we want to go and what it will take to get there. About what we expect from our people and our clients. About what they can expect from us. We are transparent. About where we’re progressing. About our success. And especially about our failures and how we learn from them to do better.

People who are fearless in pushing limits and trying new things in pursuit of ideas that cut through the noise. We are passionate about creativity, and believe it is our weapon to move brands and businesses forward. Those who are excitable and proactive about solving
client’s problems.

We know that putting people first gets better results. We believe that diversity and creativity are inextricably intertwined: the best work, the best culture is co-created by people with diverse skill sets, perspectives and experiences. People who are inclusive, supportive and motivating.

A brief overview of the role:
As an Integrated Executive Producer, you will oversee all productions and producers working on projects on your assigned account. We are looking for someone who will bring a positive attitude, drive big ideas, come up with production solves and new approaches to making work.
You will sit alongside strategy, account and creative, during ideation of a project. Together, you will brainstorm to inspire innovative executions based on media. This collaboration results in integrated production approaches that serve to produce the best creative work while still being efficient with our budgets and timing. Client management and building trust is also very important to your success. You will also be expected step in and produce certain jobs as needed.

The role

Key responsibilities include:

  • Lead the creative and budget response, ballpark and help manage budgets and schedules, trouble-shoot and problem solve, ensure quality and timely delivery.
  • Help in defining project scope at beginning stages, estimate and writing scope of works and technical specifications, works with account team in the creation of project specifications and schedule.
  • Serve as an authority on production to clients and is a client-facing employee throughout the duration of the relationship with the client.
  • Run the account by responding to clients and representing and leading the team in all production considerations, schedule, budget and budget realities.
  • Works with HoP on their client’s annual scope of work and informs of any staffing changes needed.
  • Works in tight partnership with clients, cost consultants, brand leadership team.
  • Deep understanding of client’s marketing goals and business at hand.
  • Consistently brings thoughtful, independent and persuasive viewpoints to the table.
  • Be a leader and expert for all productions in front of clients and manage relationships to maximize client satisfaction.
  • Ensure production meets competitive goals and projects the brand image.
  • Respond to client feedback and steward the creative integrity of projects from development through to execution.
  • Gives calm, clear direction in high-pressure situations objectively and professionally.
  • Remains accessible and approachable to all producers.
  • Develop new strategies and workflows to maximize efficiency and innovation within the dept and accounts.
  • Expert knowledge of production techniques (TV and digital including studio, on location, multi-camera, graphics, CGI ect.) and post-production workflows.
  • Works with HoP to delegate assignments/projects.
  • Can step in as a hands-on producer when needed.
  • Responsible for the education and growth of every producer who reports into them in addition to providing general guidance and mentorship.
  • Consults with HoP to help shape the department.
  • Has vested interest in the future of the department.

Below are some of the qualifications we’re interested in. If you don’t meet all of them, don’t count yourself out.

  • 10+ years of Agency experience
  • Responsible for keeping a pulse on production standards, processes, and practices as they grow and evolve to accommodate changing client needs.
  • Must also share and disseminate the information well to fellow producers.
  • Bring extensive industry knowledge and continuously stay in tune with market changes and opportunities.
  • Has long standing relationships with vendors and reps as well as talent (directors, editors, photographers, etc).
  • Has relationships with other agency producers (freelance and staff) should the time come to need to hire someone.

Within 1 month you will:

  • Complete on-boarding with our Talent Team - They will bring you up to speed on VB+P’s benefits, perks and culture.
  • Complete on-boarding with Head of Integrated Production - They will walk you through VB+P’s Integrated Production and provide you with the necessary background on all elements of the role.
  • Meet with all departments you will interact with in the context of your role - A representative from each department will walk you through the role they play with respect to new business/marketing and the process to engage them.
  • Have introductory meetings with at minimum 5 people in leadership at VB+P. - This is part of our “welcome” process, to ensure that you are getting a chance to meet people and to ask questions.

Ask as many questions as possible – we are here to help.

  • At Venables Bell + Partners, we celebrate and support our differences. We know building a team rich in diverse thoughts, experiences, and opinions allows our employees, our work and our community to flourish. VB+P is an equal opportunity workplace. We are dedicated to equal employment opportunities regardless of race, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, Veteran status, or any protected class or social identity. We value equity here at VB+P as much as equality.

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