Lumberyard (Post-Production)

Post Producer

·        Review job details with Agency Producer to develop post production
 budgets and timelines.
·        Assess scope of project to determine the appropriate team and work with Director of Content to assign resources.
·        Liaise with outside vendors to determine budgets and timing for color,
VFX and audio, as needed.
·        Handoff awarded projects to assigned Post Producer, and properly onboard them by communicating project expectations, budget, resources, and timeline.
·        Maintain department’s master calendar, tracking projects and assignments for Editors, Assistant Editors, Motion Designers, and Post Producers.
·        Assess and communicate any freelance needs for Editorial and Motion
Design to department Coordinator.
·        Maintain excellent Agency relationships by responding efficiently to
Agency requests.
·        Assist Post Producers in bidding for overages and additional deliverables
to add to a job, as needed.
·        Oversee post production projects as needed.
·        Help maintain a positive and supportive work environment.

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