New Business

Sr. New Business & Marketing Project Manager

The operational excellence of our new business group is fundamental to the success of the agency; not only is it key to our winning, but it is also the model the rest of the agency follows. This role has the opportunity to reform this process, from the initial contact, right through to the hand-off of newly won accounts, to the agency.
Furthermore, as operational excellence is also key to many other aspects of new business and marketing, this role will also embrace responsibilities normally outside of the scope of project management, such as content creation for RFPs, help in managing search consultant relations, as well as a role overseeing our own social media channels.
Project Management responsibilities within New Business:
-        Define the new process for running pitches:
o   Combine best practices employed in the agency, with your personal experience. Our aim is to create a blueprint for how it should run, which can be taught to others, as well a selection of tools and tricks that we can employ when the circumstances permit. Then, roll out the new process to all those that participate in new business.
-        Define hand-off process
o   Define and roll out the process for handing-off new accounts won, to the agency team and to the client team, ensuring the new relationship is set up for success.
-        From a high level, oversee the project management of all pitches
o   Either with the support of the new business project manager running the pitch day-to-day, or with the support from a regular project manager stepping in to run the day-to-day of a specific pitch.
Content creation responsibilities, within new business:
-        Oversee and optimize the creation of all new business assets
o   from case studies to RFP responses
-        Responsibility for RFP completion
o   Once you have a firm understanding of the agency’s POV on marketing, and the assets at our disposal, help create the RFP responses to pitch invitations, enabling us to progress to the ‘final’ stage of pitches.
Prospecting responsibilities:
-        Maintain and deepen our database of prospects
o   Help in the creation of quarterly assets used to remain top of mind amongst our prospects
-        Manage search consultant relationships
o   Keep consultants and other third parties, up-to-date with latest work and thought-leadership from the agency.
-        Prospect outreach
o   Development of microsites to showcase relevant thinking and experience to prospects, when identified by President
Agency Social Channels:
-        Help co-ordinate the team that manage the agency’s social channels, ensuring we are marketing the agency effectively through these channels. Work with the Agency strategist appointed to this team, as well as our in-house social maker group (Rabble), to keep the channels up to date with work and thought leadership.
Agency Website:
-        Oversee the agency website, and help keep up to date with new work and though-leadership.
The role will report to the Director of Project Management, and will have the New Business Project Manager report into them.

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