Communications Architect


This role seeks to practice the agency’s ‘Communications Architecture’ approach helping to inform and shape greater and more innovative integrated solutions. As an agency, we must find the perfect balance between brand building for tomorrow (the long term) and generating immediate sales for today (the short term). The Architect’s role is instrumental in driving this perfect balance.

You live at the intersection between creative ideas and their activation in-market. It’s a role which overlaps the art of advertising with the science of marketing. You must be a thought-leader setting an integrated strategy across all paid, owned and earned channels for both the agency, our partners and clients. Critical in success is a passion for about creative ideas and especially knowledgeable about the
ever-evolving media/digital landscape. This role had a footing in Comms Strategy but ultimately elevates to more impact in the creative idea than found elsewhere.

While using your superpowers with that of the others in the CA team, we also expect you to also be prepared to roll up your sleeves in developing the strategy and the ideas end to end. You’ll act as a pivotal strategist to create an initial comms ambition and ecosystem blueprint for the overarching communications approach as fuel for the creative brief, through go-to-market excellence and in-market
acceleration informing and engaging with deep collaboration from partner agency specialists helping to orchestrate the right message for the right moment.

As a Strategy Director, you will translate a business problem into the comms ‘jobs to be done’ framing up KPIs and measuring campaign effectiveness. You need to be the authority on how ideas get activated and seamless integration. Our aim is to work collaboratively with all agency/in-house partners and confidently utilize insights from data and evidence to support breakthrough creativity.


• Be unafraid to call out when creative doesn’t answer the client’s business problem or adhere to
the comms approach. Ultimately not speaking up leads to more rounds of work.
• Be an authority that helps make ideas more bulletproof and ultimately sellable.
• Be demanded in the room for the truth you speak and the consideration/compassion you give to
others in that honesty.

• Love how ideas comes to life, not just a fan of a hero piece.
• Make our CA approach as sticky and memorable as the work. The more it’s used to shape work, the more valuable we become and the better the work.
• Be in-tune with culture to know moments brands can make outsized impact and champion how we use them smartly.
• Passionate about what’s new and next in innovation, platforms and be the flag waver to everyone at VB+P. Even if it’s a short-term blip, it’s better to know and discount it than not know at all.

• Be an advocate for inclusive both in the work and how we get to it.
• Seek to build the relationships which will drive greater synergy and efficiency e.g. with stakeholder clients, with CDs, with production and brand management leaders.
• Be in-tune with culturally how our clients will activate in the world in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion. What are the opportunities and what are the watch-outs.
• Be generous, give away your best ideas, we are the best team players.

Ask as many questions as possible – we are here to help.
At Venables Bell + Partners, we celebrate and support our differences. We know building a team rich in diverse thoughts, experiences, and opinions allows our employees, our work and our community to flourish. VB+P is an equal opportunity workplace. We are dedicated to equal employment opportunities regardless of race, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, Veteran status, or any protected class or social identity. We value equity here at VB+P as much as equality.

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