Unbeliveable, that goes for what we're offering and what we'll create.

We’re Venables Bell & Partners, a San Francisco-based independent creative advertising agency. We just turned 20 and to celebrate we want to be your full service agency of record. All for only $20. Besides the $20 fee, there’s only one requirement. You have to promise us that you won’t settle for ordinary work.

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If you’d like to share more, this space is for you. Feel free to make a video, make a poster, have your nephew sing a song, interview your cash register. Anything that gives us an even greater understanding of you and your business.
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  1. Why $20? Well, our agency, Venables Bell + Partners, just turned 20 years old and to celebrate we want to be the full-service agency of record for a west-coast based small business. All for only $20.
  2. What does an “Agency of Record” mean and what do I get for $20? As your agency of record, we’ll develop a strategic position for your brand in the larger marketplace. Then, we’ll develop creative ideas that bring that strategic position to life. From here, we enter into production and distribution. It is important to note that we do not cover the costs of production and distribution. We’ll certainly take care of everything needed to create and distribute the advertisements at the highest level, but again, you will have to cover the cost of said creation and distribution. Despite this, there are still many things that can be done on a very small budget. See question 3 to learn more.
  3. If I’m on a shoe-string budget would I still be able to afford effective production and media placement? In our 20 year history, our budget has been $0 a few times and great things were still created. It is harder to create great work in that tight of a box, but it can and has been done. For example, we created a massive campaign for REI that made headlines around the world and it revolved around REI closing their stores on black Friday. They didn’t have to pay anything to create a massive impact with that gesture.
    Furthermore, never underestimate how far $1,000 can stretch, or even $500. It’s our job to make the most impactful work within your financial limits and we have our own in-house production team that can do a lot with no extra cost to you. Beyond that, there are also A LOT of opportunities to seek pro bono support wherein people volunteer production skills and media placement as an act of goodwill. This is especially viable if your business is one that helps the community in a notable way. We could even start crowdsourcing funds to really get the community rallying behind you. So, don’t let a shoe-string budget keep you from applying.
  4. What will you guys consider as a West-Coast based small business? We are looking to consider independently owned businesses which have fewer than 50 employees. To be considered for this promotion, you must be based in one of the following states:
    Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.
  5. When is the application submission deadline? Applications must be submitted before November 29th, 2021.
  6. When will you select the winner? We’re aiming to make a decision by December 13th, 2021.
  7. Are you creating the work with only $20? The $20 is the retainer fee for you to keep us as your agency of record for one year. This covers strategic planning, creative ideation entirely. Then, for production and distribution we will continue to plan and develop everything but you will have to cover the costs for such production and distribution. We understand your budget may be tight and we are more than capable of doing great things within a tight budget. See question 3 more details.
  8. What will I get out of this? We’re going to help you develop a strategic positioning for your brand. A way for you to stand out and own a specific part of your market. This is something you can continue to build from for as long as you like. Then, we’ll develop creative executions from this strategic position. This is what you see on TV, in magazines, and anywhere else you see ads.
  9. Are there going to be hidden fees beyond the $20? As stated above, we will be your agency of record for $20. So, we will develop your strategic position and creative ideas with no extra cost to you. Then, as we enter into production and distribution we will continue to do everything needed to create the best work and distribute it in the most effective way, but you will have to pay for said production and distribution. And, again, there is a lot that can be done on a tight budget, not to mention all the ways we can get financial support. Every great agency creates great work by going above and beyond, currying favors and striking deals to make your dollar stretch farther than you ever imagined.
  10. What will happen in every step of this process? The creative process isn’t scientific, so it’s hard to say exactly what will happen. We’ll just say that we’ll work with you to find a position for your brand, break it out into creative ideas, produce them and distribute them. Beyond that, what happens is for both of us to find out.