When VB&P Began

Posted by Meredith Vellines

Jun 3, 2011

When VB&P Began

This week our agency turned 10, which is fitting because we realize we often behave like a bunch of excitable 10-year-olds. In honor of this milestone, Paul Venables wrote this story on how the agency originated:

The official date was June 1, 2001. But it’s hard to say exactly when Venables Bell & Partners was born.

A week or two before The New York Times declared that our agency existed, we rented a couple of offices from a place that was going out of business called CrossCommerce (I still have one of their pens), who was subletting space from Goodby, who had snatched it up during the high and heady times of the late ‘90s. That could’ve been the start of our story. But, actually, before those days, there was a series of backdoor meetings involving our charter client, the agency partners and people who put our reel together on the sly. Read more here.

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