Not Some Hippie Dippy Bullshit

Posted by Meredith Vellines

Apr 4, 2014

Not Some Hippie Dippy Bullshit

Paul Venables recently took the stage at the Denver Ad Club, where he received a standing ovation and at least one pen pal request.

Prior to the event, the Denver Egotist sat down with Paul in a Q&A where he espoused on his beginnings in advertising and his leadership perspective, which you can read here. Denver blogger Erika Levy, who attended the event, wrote on her site, capturing the essence of the night: "It was comforting to hear from one of the most respected ad men in America. I have stood strong in my convictions and operated by the same moral laws, but have been seen as either alien or radical. It was comforting to know I wasn’t alone, and that it isn’t some hippie dippy bullshit. It’s just good business and good business affects positive change in the world."

Thank you, Denver. We're glad we didn't disappoint.

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