Project Manager - VBP Orange

Orange is looking for a Project Manager to join our San Francisco studio.

Our best candidate prioritizes optimism, proactivity, and making others successful as key ingredients to a thriving work environment. 

Once at Orange, significant focus will be on helping teams plan, execute, monitor progress, and close projects, but this role also requires fluency in flexing to contribute across a range of responsibilities. Whether that means co-developing and hosting a workshop or talk, helping a leadership team design, coordinate and execute strategic priorities, supporting a team with a big build in another state, or collaborating with a designer to curate and source a client gift, the variety—and pace— of this work is exciting, vast, and constantly evolving.

At Orange, the PM will be involved in multiple projects, each different from the last. 

The role

Once here you will:

  • Help teams and leadership prioritize, execute and monitor projects
  • Collaborate with Orange leadership to help us organize business initiatives and goals
  • Assist teams with project management and execution
  • Help define agreed-upon timelines, facilitate progress, manage budgets, and assure all projects meet their deadlines with success
  • Partner and collaborate with producer to ensure production-specific needs such as sourcing vendor partners and contractors, managing print production projects, assisting photoshoot planning and production, and managing swag production are managed to internal and client expectations.
  • Seek out the answers to the hard producer questions
  • Help Leadership and Project Teams maintain and nurture their client relationships, and assist in ways to cultivate new ones
  • Help build and curate a culture that prioritizes individual and team health

Relevant experience and mindset:

  • 5-7 years experience
  • Detail-orientated
  • Able to anticipate needs of others
  • A+ problem solver
  • Game for anything and everything
  • Excellent planner
  • Lover of logistics
  • Sharp detective and sleuthing skills
  • Loves a good deadline
  • Embraces ambiguity
  • Welcomes on-the-fly change of plans

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