Lumberyard (Post-Production)

Assistant Editor

We're looking for an Assistant Editor to join our Post-Production team. The Assistant Editor will work as an editor for smaller projects, including: social videos, proof of concept, animatics, meeting videos, and pitch videos. In addition to these types of projects, the Assistant Editor will also help with editing for broadcast and web spots - logging and organizing footage, preparing projects, making rough cuts, and serving as an online editor, bringing in final color and mix, and providing final deliveries of spots.

The role

The role

  • Edit videos for broadcast and web, social videos, pitches, animatics, proof of concept, internal meetings, award shows, and case studies.
  • Assistant edit on broadcast and pitch projects - log and transcode footage, organize footage into bins.
  • Conform color, motion graphics and audio mix to create final picture for delivery of spots.
  • Create simple motion graphics.
  • Shoot stills and video with the Canon 5D Mark II and Sony a7S2; record audio with Tascam.
  • Record VO sessions using ProTools.
  • Carry out exploratory searches for music and Getty and stock footage.
  • Tag and assist with tagging; create XMLs for the Fileserver, edit and review spots with Brand Managers, QC spots for quality and consistency, and then upload 80-150 spots to Extreme Reach or Tylie.
  • Train other assistants on workflow for color and conform.


  • 1-3 years experience working in Post Production (or similar function)
  • Experience shooting with DSLR's, recording VO sessions using Pro Tools, and prepping for color sessions, audio mix, and final conforming
  • Knowledge of Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Media Encoder, Compressor

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