Creative Resource Management

Creative Resource Manager

As a Creative Resource Manager, you’ll partner with a Group Brand Director and Creative Director, to drive the success of a pillar of business at VBP. It’s your job to facilitate efficient and effective internal process, ensure sufficient resourcing for project needs, and manage timing and resources so that teams are able to meet Client expectations, and Creative Directors are set up for success.     

The role

The role

  • Understand the pillar team dynamics, and work in lockstep with both the Group Brand Director and Creative Director to manage your pillar and facilitate agency process
  • Provide critical information to the Associate Director of Creative Resourcing and your Creative Director – on both the specific needs of the project as well as the types of creative talent that would be most successful, so that optimal team(s) can be allocated.
  • Monitor the workload of the creative teams allocated to all the various projects on the account, so that you can drive effective utilization.
  • Work with the Associate Director of Creative Resourcing to manage and approve creative production OOO and PTO.
  • Coordinate weekly meetings between the Executive Creative Director and your Creative Director regarding pillar resources, account updates and priorities.
  • Work closely with Group Brand Directors/Brand Directors + Creative Directors to set proper timing and resource expectations so that each can focus on their role.
  • Review and approve all proposed timelines from the brand teams, keeping client and resource needs in mind.
  • Make sure that the creative team assigned to the account has everything needed to concept effectively.  
  • Understand design needs for projects and request from Senior CRM.
  • Ensure that the creative teams understand and are holding themselves accountable to the expectations of the Creative Director (the deadline to share work as well as any preferred formats).
  • Facilitate meetings with the ECD, when needed, and follow-up with the Brand Team accordingly.
  • Arrange creative attendance in meetings such as creative and internal reviews set up by the Brand Operations Manager.
  • Make sure the creative team completes creative decks prior to handoff to the Brand Operations Manager for incorporation into a master client deck.
  • Ensure that the brand team understands, and if necessary, trains project-ownership needs to get creative through the system.
  • Understand the skills and needs of the BOMs in order to make sure they are successfully trained to plan ahead and move projects forward in the agency, based on the schedule you have approved.
  • Facilitate all handoffs to LY and studio, and help secure appropriate Creative Director approvals along the way.
  • Recognize areas for opportunity or improvement amongst team members. This includes understanding both skillsets and personalities of creative leads and creative teams so you’re in the best position to advocate for the best team for a project.


  • 3-5 years of experience in agency Project Management
  • Incredible interpersonal and conflict resolution skills
  • Patient and positive attitude
  • Ability to handle multiple, sometimes conflicting priorities in stride
  • Ability to plan ahead - regularly review, forecast and reforecast your project resource needs
  • Ability to navigate high-pressure situations, identify problems + solutions, and escalate as needed
  • Excellent verbal and written skills - communication and diplomacy skills are key
  • Experience in management of multiple junior- to senior-level creatives
  • Ability and interest in mentoring and training team members
  • Understanding of agency processes and creative skillsets
  • Experience in video, photography, print or digital production, a plus

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