Head of Integrated Production

VB&P is seeking a Head of Integrated Production (HOIP).
For us, production is the is lifeblood of the agency. It’s where money and accountability meet creativity. It is where our best thinking achieves full expression in the best execution. Production touches every department, interacts with every client and is the face of the agency for hundreds of suppliers, vendors and partners. It’s the quality control center for every piece of content that goes out to the world. As such, the HOIP plays a crucial role as the leader of this production department. She/he nurtures it, adapts it and fosters its growth. The HOIP must have a passion for producing award-winning work, a deep understanding of multi-platform strategy, and both the experience and temperament to manage a diverse production team as well as to provide operational guidance to our in-house production facilities.
It is a critical time for VB&P as we continue our momentum and experience unprecedented growth. For this reason, the ideal candidate will have the skills and experience to maintain the quality of our output as we scale our capabilities for the future; she/he will demonstrate both refined creative judgment as well as specific expertise in the infrastructure, staff and process improvements required for accelerated growth.
Our HOIP will manage a diverse group of producers at VB&P, including broadcast, digital, social/experiential, art and print production, as well as related functions such as business affairs and our in-house production facility, Lumberyard. All told that is staff of almost 40 people that expands as necessary to include freelancers. She/he will ensure consistent leadership of this team by setting clear expectations with each of them, managing accountability in real-time and addressing issues head-on to avoid impact to the agency and workflow. She/he will be available to trouble-shoot issues, review and approve estimates and to help each individual on the team be successful in their respective roles.
Our HOIP will work closely with the creatives of VB&P, understanding their creative vision and bringing them new and innovative vendors and approaches that push the limits of technology and creativity.
Our HOIP will work closely with brand management at VB&P, understanding the clients’ budget and timing parameters and providing solutions that can accommodate these without sacrificing the quality of the creative idea.
Our HOIP will work closely with the other department heads at VB&P, collaborating with them to maintain a collaborative, positive and proactive leadership team. As part of this team, she/he will develop and see-all-the-way-through specific initiatives on behalf of the agency.
Our HOIP will work closely with the CFO and MD of VB&P, with respect to the integrated production department as well as in-house production divisions. Re: the integrated production department: managing expectations with respect to the department budget and the allocation of resources, and limiting agency exposure with respect to vendor negotiations (including payment terms, insurance, contingencies and overages). Re: VB&P’s in-house production divisions: providing support to the P&L owners of each division to ensure effective delivery of financial targets and best practice recommendations on how to innovate and scale these capabilities based on the growth objectives of the agency.
Our HOIP will work closely with the MD and President of VB&P, helping to sell the agency’s internal capabilities to staff and existing/potential clients, and acting as a representative of VB&P to further our 

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